Taking care of your employees

I was watching a recent episode of  Hell on Wheels.  Doc has run into money  financial problems and is having hard time securing credit to continue to pay the employees.  He then leaves it for his foreman,
Cullen Bohannon to deal with the men in trying to keep them working on the rail.  In the meantime, the men figure out what is going on.  I hope that I'm never put into this situation.  I believe taking care of your employees is number 1 important next to making all the bills and ending with a profit at the end of the day.  We ask ourselves why do we need to care for our employees?? I like to believe as we care for the employees we are building loyalty with the employees and in the long run, we are able to keep them happy.  Keeping them happy means less turn over!! (You can only hope!!) Well, as I've always been told pay isn't everything so learn to treat your staff and employees right and they will stand by your side for the long haul!!

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